Miva cart becomes a hosted platform
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 10th, 2009

Miva has introduced a new hosted platform.  All these years, you had to install the cart on your own server, but now they have introduced a hosted solution. The price for the service starts at $50 and goes up to $130 a month. The shopping cart is the same as the self-hosted solution, but should be easier to install, manage and operate for many ecommerce business owners. Other good news is the credit card processing integration will not change. Their self-hosted solution still accounts for around $4 million of their annual sales and no one knows how well the hosted solution will perform. In comparison of other hosted ecommerce store solutions out there, their prices seem some-what comparable, except they start a higher than other popular choices. This may have to do with their name and the fact that they have 50,000 merchants using their service. However, just because it is used by a lot of people, that doesn’t mean it is a great product as there are other companies that provide a great solution for a lot less.

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