Network Solutions updated it’s ecommerce service
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009

Network Solutions updated its ecommerce software recently to help online merchants prepare for the holiday sales rush. The service in particular is their nsCommerceSpace service. The improvements are designed to help manage their stores better, maximize profits and increase their credit card processing speeds. Some feature enhancements include customized templates, shipping improvements and import capabilities. New promotional features like discounts and coupons will be available soon and before the big holiday sales rush.

When they made these improvements, they relied on their customer’s feedback and suggestions. By making improvements from listening to their customers, they expect everyone to have a successful season. The good thing about their service is they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This doesn’t really help or is needed for merchants already on their system, but for new ones that are considering switching platforms, it is a nice appeal. I would however wait until the holiday season is over before making any changes. Also, keep an eye out for Google’s caffeine up date that should go completely live come January. If you have a great sales year this season because of great SEO, everything may change for you in two months.

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