New York Cabbies Welcome Credit Cards
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 13th, 2009

Taking credit card payments is becoming the norm for almost all businesses. New York cabbies didn’t like the idea, but now it seems that they are praising the extra payment method. By having the credit card processing ability, they are finding themselves with higher ticket sales as well as bigger tips. They may not have liked it at first, but it seems the yelling turned into praises. Before long, all cities across the country will be embarrassing this new payment method. Not only does it get the customer out of the cab faster, but increases their revenue for the faster they can get to another customer, the more they bring in.

One day in the near future, credit card payments may be the sole payment choice for all consumers. If cabbies do not take them, they may find themselves with a lot less customers or lose them to the cabbies that start taking them. That would in turn create a very competitive market among the transportation industry.

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