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Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

Why has become one of the largest ecommerce retailers in the US?  It has been known because of the shopping experience with them.  The customer flow seems to be full of options.  They have a search box feature, a nicely well done navigation bar, colorful rotating special offer banner and a list of categories to shift through to find what you are looking for.  The idea to take from this is you must have clear paths to products from your homepage, so you user knows and feels confident on where to go from there.

Once you go to a particular category, you can narrow down your choices by other features or categories using the left hand navigation.  This is very useful when trying to find the exact product you are looking for.  For example, you want a NIC card, but do not want to spend more than say $20.  This would allow you to find what you need very quickly.   One thing I’m not sure I agree with is if you want rush processing, they charge a fee for this.  This has nothing to do with the shipping time, but the speed they process your order.  I guess you could say what else can you expect for the lowest price, you can’t have everything.  They also have great follow through emails by providing shipping confirmation and tracking information.  Another thing is certain, with their kind of processing volume, I would only expect them to be on the Interchange plus pricing model with their credit card processing company, if not, they should really look into that.

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