Open Mind Commerce Cart Review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 14th, 2009

Today, I’m reviewing a relatively small shopping cart, called Open Mind.  It is another company based in the UK and is only being used by about 500 merchants, so it is very small compared to other carts.  You may be able to receive very personalized service though.  In 2004, they were building customized carts for their merchants.  A few years later, they decided to create a commercial platform that could be used by all of their clients.  The cart is licensed based but does include one year of free hosting.  You can also install it on any ColdFusion hosting server.  In regards to pricing, I think it is very steep, at $500 US dollars.

One of its strengths is it is the only commercial cart available designed specifically for the UK, according to Open Mind’s CEO.  US merchants could use the cart, but from what I can tell, it isn’t really suitable for them.  Getting support International maybe troublesome.  They do claim that the cart is fully PCI compliant.  It doesn’t give the merchants the ability to store the credit card processing data, which has its own downsides, but it is for the best. This seems to be a nice cart for a company located in the UK, but not a merchant in the USA.

  1. My name is Phil Williams, founder of Open Mind Commerce and I just wanted to let your readers know that version 2.0 of our software will be internationalised to support store owners from non-uk countries.

    We’re also introducing an advanced templating system that will easily allow users to change language strings to suit their needs.

    Many thanks for the review!

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