Retail stores going upscale for the holidays
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

What does prime vacant retail locations and Christmas have in common?  How about seasonal “pop-up” stores are going upscale.   Such as the Lionel Electric Trains opened up its first retail location on Nov 1, which will disappear after the holidays.   Pop up stores have been around for a long time for Halloween and Christmas.  But now they are going upscale by showing face in places like malls and fancy streets in big cities.  The reason is because of all the vacant real estate that landlords are having a time filling.  It would be better for them to find  a home temporary than to live it empty.  For Lionel, it isn’t a profit center for them, but a way to create brand awareness and desire for their products from young children.  Regardless of who opens up a seasonal retail store, they must have the ability to accept credit cards.  In many situations, a wireless credit card machine is needed for the expense involved with getting a temporary phone line put in place. The one big draw back is the profit must be large enough to be worth the time, energy and money involved in getting setup for such a short period of time.

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