Salvation Army going electronic
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 24th, 2009

Some of the Salvation Army donation locations have gone electronic and added credit card processing capabilities to their offerings.  Consumers can now donate with their credit card.  I’m not sure if I agree with this logic.  I think many consumers would give more than they can really afford as they can simply charge it.  I understand many consumers do not carry around a lot of cash these days, but I know many consumers do not have self control when it comes to plastic as it can feel like a magic card at times.  Also, your money will simply not go as far as the Salvation Army has to pay to process the credit cards.  So instead of giving around 97% of your money to the organization, why not give cash and be able to give 100%?  You are giving a percentage or two of your money to the banks when you use a credit card.  My other concern would be theft.  What would stop a volunteer from setting up a merchant account and replacing the current machine with their own that would deposit the funds into their own checking account?  I know this wouldn’t be very likely, but it does raise the question.  Where there is a will, scamsters find a way.

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