SEOshop Review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 17th, 2009

SEOshop is another shopping cart I’m reviewing today.  The company is based in the Netherlands.  The cart costs around $37 US and then they charge a small percentage of the monthly sales the store brings in, similar to how the Yahoo Stores work.  Currently their average commission is 3.5%, but can be flexibly depending upon the merchant’s size.  The cart claims to be very SEO friendly, which is very important for almost all Internet merchants.  Without SEO traffic, an online store can not survive.  Another strength is its compatibility with credit card processing providers.  This includes about 20 different payment processing services.  A big disadvantage is it is not currently open to developers.  They do plan on releasing a template engine some time next year.  The cart can also be attractive to resellers as the whole system can be private labeled if desired.

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