Some consumers are earning frequent flier miles on the tax payer expense
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 10th, 2009

What if I were to tell you that you could have earned frequent flier miles on your credit card for free?  Apparently the US Mint was offering free shipping on bulk orders of coins.  The consumers purchased the coins with their credit cad that gave them frequent flier miles.  They would then take the coins to the bank to pay off the credit card.  How much did it cost them?  Nothing, besides some time & effort, but they earned a total of two million miles!  It cost the mint and US tax payers around $6 to ship 500 coins and around $1 million worth of coins were shipped.  That would make it more than $12K in shipping costs as well as the credit card processing fees they incurred.  How much value is 2 million miles?  Around $40K!  It’s a good thing the US Mint has put an end to this as it shows you there are some people will take advantage of anything if given the opportunity.

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