Some ecommerce myths & how you can avoid them
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 19th, 2009

I recently read an article that mentions some common myths when it comes to ecommerce and I’m going to evaluate them while giving my own opinion. The biggest one is you can never have too much information and that is completely false. When you give users too much data, too many choices, it can become overwhelming. Take a look at Dell’s computers. Look at how many choices they have when it comes to buying one and all the adjustments you can make. Now, look at Apple’s offerings and you will see everything streamlined to only a few choices. This is better in many aspects. Never miss an opportunity to cross-sell really only applies to retail purchases, like at a supermarket. Take for example. They are very careful when it comes to up-selling you. They never do it once you start checking out, but before you checkout, that is a great time to do it. They do not want you to get distracted. In a retail store, that can be totally different as you are physically in the store and it is not as easy as a click away to another web site.

Another myth is to display security logos during checkout on the page that shows the credit card processing like Visa & MasterCard. However, I’m not sure if I totally agree or disagree with this. Some may say a simple logo will ease any consumer’s concerns. It is however giving that company free advertising. Others would say you need to take more steps than that, such as create a page explaining what your company has done to ensure your customer’s information is secure.

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