The biggest credit card thief has been brought to justice
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 10th, 2009

Albert Gonzales is now safely behind bars, the person that was behind the two largest data breaches ever occurred in the US during 06 to 2008.  These two breaches were the ones associated with the TJMaxx & Marshall theft and the one related to the data breach at Heartland.  Data breaches such as these have been plaguing the credit card processing industry for several years now. The good news is these two big data breaches are only tied to a small ring of hackers. One’s that are not computer geniuses. One of the ways they obtained some of the credit card data was to drive around town looking for wireless networks that were not secure. Hopping onto the unsecured network and then install a sniffer program that sniffed out the credit card data as it passed along in the network. This is a good wake up call for any merchant transmitting credit card data through a wireless network, it is not recommend regardless. Even if your network is secure, it is better to be on the safe side.

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