The gap with the customer experience and how to close it
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

What do you think of when you want to close the customer experience gap with technology?  Do you think of web sites and automation?  When retailers embrace technology, they can help close that gap and improve the in-store customer experience.  A recent survey revealed what the top five attributes customers seek when shopping at retail stores: Knowledgeable employees, a good value, courteous employees and be treated like a VIP.  Which category do you think received the worst rating of them all?  Knowledgeable employees was the winner!  However, with technology, employers can help close that gap by improving in these areas.  You can use technology to create great training programs that will improve the employees knowledge about the products and the company.  You can also use it to create good value with the lowest possible price.  Having reliable and affordable credit card processing can be one start to help keep your prices low.  Lastly, use technology to show and demonstrate to employees the importance of being courteous and treating all customers like a VIP.  Once you implement some of these suggestions, you should see improvements in all of these areas.  But do it give time as most changes will not happen overtime.

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