The white house crashers
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 1st, 2009

I’m sure you have heard it on the news, the couple that were able to slide through security and meet the president himself at the recent state dinner.  How is this related to the credit card processing you may ask? I will explain in a little bit. Apparently the couple recently filed for bankruptcy and it seems that they did this to be able to sell their story or information to help pay their debts. The Salahil’s have a vineyard company that seemed to do great in 2007, but almost nothing in 2008. The story mentions that the business they own, owes money to several different credit card processors. $25K to a merchant provider that offers rewards, $8.7K to EPS for chargebacks, $3K to another processor and $28 to BB&T for a machine. That is the risk merchant providers take that most merchants do not understand. We are liable for every dollar we fund. If chargebacks come in, we must pay them if we are not able to collect from the merchant. It is not a happy day when you take on losses like that and I hope those processors are able to recover some of those funds if any.

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