Use exercise to make your ecommerce business successful
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 24th, 2009

I was reading an article the other day about the owner of Smooth Fitness, a fitness equipment company and totally agreed with their CEO’s point of view.  The article mentioned he is 51 yrs old, but his body would make a lot of 20 year olds envy of his physique.   He mentioned that he believes fitness is important in creating a successful company.  Being active as a human being has a lot of advantages.  It keeps you focus, mentally alert, in great health and just overall a happier person.  I couldn’t agree more.   I have been running a successful credit card processing company for years and being physically active myself isn’t the main reason for my success, but I do believe it plays a part. I think the biggest impact it has is on your personal life, which will then branch off into your business and how your run your company.  I have been a runner for years and I think it is hard to put in words the feelings and affect you receive from it.  Other people that exercise will know exactly what I’m talking about, it can be addictive.   Similar to how you run your company, you should also run your personal life and health the same way.  Of course, if you have a fitness company, then should obviously be even more important!  If you want your employees to do good, then you must set an example as the CEO or owner of your company.  I can think of a lot of CEO’s of successful companies that actively ex cerise and that should tell you something.

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