Verifone’s new mobile processing solution PAYware
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on March 23rd, 2010

apps Verifone has released a new mobile credit card processing product called PAYware.  It is Verifone’s version of mobile processing and their attempt to put the new Square product in its place.  Mobile processing is starting to grow in demand and there are countless options available today for merchants to choose from.  You have wireless terminals such as the Nurit 8020, Verifone VX610 and WaySystems 1581.  You also have mobile devices that work with the iPhone and there are even numerous app choices to choose from as well.  Verifone is hoping to become a leader in this field but only time will tell.  We are in talks with our processing relationships to see if can add this new Verifone product to its arsenal.   We already have so many choices that it may be confusing for some, but I think adding one more will only give our customers better choices and that is great for everyone involved.

Verifone’s PAYware starts selling around the country this month through the Apple iPhone store.  According to Verifone, the product uses its Connect payment gateway to process payments.  Most processors are compatible with their gateway product, so merchants should be able to pick any merchant provider they choose.  It will definitely be interesting to see how mobile processing progresses over the next few years.  Will the wireless terminals we have been selling for years become obsolete and be replaced with our cellphones that are hooked up to a swiping device (including all cell phones and not just iPhones)?  If anything, new products like this is certainly making the service more appealing to small businesses that will not process very many credit cards.

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