What some CEOs have done to prepare for the holiday sales
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 2nd, 2009

A few CEOs have shared their strategies for the holidays that I thought was helpful. The CEO for Barefoot Books brought on a new management team, new web site and a new focus. Instead of mailing out 150K catalogs like normal, they are relying on social media to do the selling this year and hopes it works out. The CEO of Daddies Board Shop ordered 10% more of their inventory than last year and have already had to reorder some products. She mentioned the discounting was very tough last year and they are not getting into it this year. Instead they are selling on the quality of product, that it is new and just arrived and worked on their sales presentation. She also believes consumers are tired of seeing sale signs. The CEO of has introduced a new line of baskets in the $20 range, but is being careful not to steer away from their core sale in the $60 range. Introducing lower in products can have a big impact on your sales, but you must also consider your credit card processing costs on those transactions as well if your margins are very slim.

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