When is it time to leave Paypal as a payment processor
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 3rd, 2009

Sean from Transfs had a customer contact them asking when would it be time to leave Paypal for a true credit card processing account that goes through actual underwriting. Sean made the comment that the downside to using Paypal is the user must finalize the payments off the merchant’s site and will go to Paypal’s site to complete the payment. This would result in a less than professional image and may hinder conversion ratios, which would affect your bottom line. This was totally true for many years until Paypal introduced their API service earlier this year. That means merchants can now integrate their web site or shopping cart seamlessly. The API eliminates this issue, so why wouldn’t you go with Paypal? I can think of several reasons. Their reputation, level of customer service (will you be able to get a hold of someone if you need service), no personal service from an assigned account manager and greater chances of issues with their risk department for they never do any underwriting. When you do not underwrite for risk, you will have a tendency to give your merchants greater trouble as you operate on a business practice like  “approve first, ask questions later.”  He suggested to leave once you are processing over $5K a month in revenue.  I suggest doing it as soon as you can afford to.

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