When the small business turns to franchising
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 11th, 2009

Many small business owners are struggling today.  Some are working more than 60 hours a week.  One example is Nathan who built up his Sure Signs business for 18 years.  He was concerned with the level of involvement  he has on a daily business and what would happen if he would disappear.  His wife wouldn’t have a clue where to begin.  Nathan starting looking at franchises, Fastsigns in particular.   He took the plunged, invested $60K and reopened under the new name.  The following June, he has his best month ever.  Things have been slow during the fall, but Nathan said that was the best choice he has ever made.  Nathan recommends you do extensive research and once you make your decision and go with it, there is no turning back.  He also mentioned that since you are going with a big brand, that can come with some buying power when dealing with vendors, such as with your credit card processing companies. I do not know the details, but I’m sure franchisees like Subway have some unbelievable deals. I think merchants should also ask themselves, what kind of service will I receive for the kind of pricing I’m paying. It may be great pricing, but you may be telling yourself, “I got what I paid for.”

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