Will waiters & waitresses face credit cards fees
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009

Some employers have changed their practices when it comes to the credit card processing fees they pay. Laws were introduced early in 2009 that prevents restaurant owners from keeping customer tips. The rules state employers are no longer allowed to use the money they receive from tips as part of their minimum wage. However, it was also revealed that some owners are charging waitresses an admin fee for any tips they receive that are charged to a credit card. This is can totally understand, but the owner should NOT make any profit off of this. They should only charge an amount they had to pay to their merchant provider. The other controversy is how much you should tip. Oprah recently said on her show that 10% is adequate during these tough times. I think everyone’s opinion will be different. What I find crazy is how this industry over the years went from someone tipping someone because they did a good job to restaurants getting away with paying minimum wage and expect consumer’s tips to make up the difference. This has evolved over the years because most consumers tip when they receive good service. Restaurants have been able to get away with passing some of their cost to the consumers. I think it should go back to the way it was.

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