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Business Cash Advance - Small Business Loan Alternative

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We provide merchants with all sorts of financial services, including easy access to working capital. Your cash flow is important to your business. Have you ever tried to get a business loan but was unable to? We have a solution for you called a business cash advance. We are a leader in providing businesses with cash advance services. Our cash advance solution is an ideal alternative to a small business loan. This service is ideal for either retail or Internet merchant accounts.

The service is quite simple. We simply convert your future credit card sales into cash. We advance you the cash and you repay us with a small percentage of your daily credit card transactions over a period of time. We can approve and fund up to $600,000 within 10 days.

Business Cash Advances Requirements:

Basic Qualifications
  1. Have at least 6 months of credit card processing history
  2. Monthly Visa / MasterCard Volume exceed $2,500
  3. No open bankruptcies
  1. No personal guaranty
  2. No business plan required
  3. No collateral or financials
  4. No use restrictions on the funding
  5. No hassles - easy and fast to apply & receive funding
Some ideas on what you can use your cash advance for:
  1. Paying off debt or taxes
  2. Advertise
  3. Purchase inventory or merchandise
  4. Expand your business
  5. Purchase new equipment
  6. Grow your business

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