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Buy Now Buttons - Internet Payment Gateway

Printer Friendly's simple checkout feature allows you to create a "Buy Now" or "Donate" button on your web site. This is perfect for people with minimal technical expertise or html knowledge.

To generate the buttons, you first login into's web site and enter applicable information such as an item description and price. HTML code is then generated automatically, which you can copy and paste into your Web site. You should then display credit card logos on your web site to show that you have been setup with a credit card processing service. When your customers click on your buttons, they are taken to a secure payment form to enter their payment information.

Customizable Settings:
  1. Item ID and Description - each item can be assigned a unique item ID and description.
  2. Suggested Donation Amounts - nonprofit organizations can suggest particular donation amounts.
  3. Shipping Methods - you can configure up to 10 shipping methods (e.g. Ground, Overnight, Two Day, etc.), with ranges and costs for each method.
  4. Maximum Per Order - you can specify the maximum quantity of each item, per order, that a customer may purchase.

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