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Retail Merchant Check Guarantee & Conversion (RapidCheck)     Picture Printer Friendly

One of the largest drawbacks of accepting paper checks is it leaves you open to fraudulent and bounced checks. In addition to uncollected funds, you are also likely to get charged by your bank for NSF fees.

With check guarantee & conversion, you no longer have to worry about bounced checks! You simply slide the check through your check reader and it is processed electronically through the ACH network. Your funds are guaranteed and automatically deposited into your checking account within two business days. You stamp the check "ACH" and return it to the customer. An external check reader is required for this service.

Additional Benefits - Compared to Standard Check Guarantee
  1. Avoid extensive paper handling (sorting, deposit, etc.) by employees
  2. Faster availability of funds, especially for out-of-state checks
  3. No paper claims to file for bad checks
  4. Detailed online reporting available
Check Processing Rates:

Service Fees
Service Rate
Setup Fee
Discount Rate
Transaction Fee
Monthly Service Fee
Required Check Reader (if needed)     Picture
$209 (one-time investment)

For more information or to get started, please contact us.

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