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Credit Card Processing Checklist

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When opening up a merchant account, there are a few items you will need to get approved. Depending on a number of factors, but generally the more information about your business you can provide, the greater chance you will get approved.

Merchant Account Checklist:
  1. Merchant Application - all merchant service companies require a merchant application to be completely filled out. Leaving any required fields blank will only delay the approval process.

  2. Copy of Voided Check - you must supply a copy of your check for the bank account you will be using to receive your deposits. If you do not have any checks, you may have the bank write up a letter stating the same information a check would on their letter head. This includes your business name, account & routing number.

  3. Copy of Driver's License - due to the patriot act, we must verify your identity. Therefore, we must receive a legible copy of your driver's license.

  4. Product or Service Information - to accurately underwrite your account, please provide a list of the products and/or services you sell along with their pricing. A web site with this information will be sufficient. Otherwise, please include this information on a separate sheet of paper.

  5. Current Processing Statements - if you are currently processing with another provider, please include your last three months of processing statements to ensure easy approval. If you are requesting a large monthly volume or high average ticket, we may request up to 6 months of merchant account processing statements.

  6. Brochure / Store Pictures - If you are not an Internet store, we may request in some cases for a brochure or a picture of your store/inventory. We also receive fraud ourselves and if we are not 100% sure about an application, this information can help assure us that the merchant is legitimate.

  7. Business Financials - if you are requesting a large monthly volume or high average ticket, we may request your business' financials. Such documents would be a balance sheet and profit & loss statement. Bank statements are helpful, but are generally not considered adequate financials.

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