PCI Compliance Fee

All merchants must be PCI compliant. There is a lot of different information floating around about this particular fee that most providers are charging for. Here is our best explanation for it. When PCI was created a number of years back, everyone in the chain had to comply. This includes your merchant provider, the processor, acquiring bank and last but not least the merchant. Providers absorbed a lot of expenses getting their end PCI compliant. To help recover the ongoing cost associated with training, educating and assisting merchants so they are in compliance, most providers are charging some sort of PCI fee. This also includes helping them answer the annual SAQ questionnaire that Visa / MC requires along with a quarterly network scan.

Because there are so many different types of services and solutions available that all must be in compliance, it can be a very daunting task. Products vary from credit card machines to Internet gateways, Yahoo Stores, POS systems, pin-pads, computer software, wireless systems and touch tone services.

Every big processor we are aware of charges some sort of fee for PCI Compliance. There are still numerous merchant applications that do not have any PCI fees listed even though they may be charging one. Our advice: Expect some sort of PCI fee or go with someone who already has a fee established. The reason is look at what happened several years back, PCI fees did not exist. Then all of a sudden most of the major processors started charging one. If a processor advertises no PCI fee, keep in mind that they could very well implement one tomorrow. Please call us for details on our PCI fee.