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iPhone Credit Card Processing by PaySaber

Printer Friendly
Do you currently have an iPhone or iPod Touch and would like to accept credit cards? We have great news! The PaySaber product will allow you to do just that and at a very low special price. Check out all the features below. Please know that you are required to have Internet access on your device for the service to work as it uses an Internet gateway service to process the transactions.

An Integrated Credit Card Swiper

The unit comes with a built-in credit card swiper. This allows you to obtain retail merchant pricing as you are able to swipe the cards instead of keying them in. This will also give you a little more chargeback protection vs keyed in sales.

A Fast Integrated Thermal Printer

The integrated printer will allow you to offer your customers a printed receipt. Yes, you can also give your customers the option of receiving a receipt by email. The receipt printer is a standard 2.5" thermal receipt roll.

Data Syncing & Online Reporting

It can sync all orders, open transactions and all previous batches. You can also manage and view your transactions and batches all online. The online reporting also offers a variety of graphs, charts and custom reporting capabilities to view sales trends.

Since all transactions and batches are stored on the secure online system, you do not have to worry about any data ever being lost if your iPhone/iPod Touch ever gets lost, broken or stolen. When adding a device or replacing one, data is synced and the device is ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Battery Power

- Replaceable lithium-ion 7.4V battery
- Up to 8 hours of swiping, printing, scanning or processing.


- An iPhone or iPod Touch. iPhone 4 should be compatible by November 2010.
- Your device is required to have Internet access for the service to work.

PaySaber iPhone Processing Terminal
Special Price - Limited Time Only!
Retail Discount Debit Rate 0.69% & $0.20
Retail Discount Credit Rate 1.69% & $0.20
Address Verification Fee (AVS) FREE
Monthly Service Fee $10.00
Monthly Internet Gateway Fee $10.00
Application Fee FREE
Setup Fee FREE
Re-Programming Fee FREE
Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE
Customer Service Fee FREE
American Express Setup Fee FREE

*The above rates and fees are not meant to be entirely inclusive; other fees may apply. Please refer to our online pricing page or the full fee schedule in the application.

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