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Merchant Account Benefits - Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

  1. Increased Sales - studies have shown that accepting credit cards can increase your sales by an astounding 50 to 400%?

  2. Build Trust - studies have shown that when businesses display the credit card logos, it can create a sense of "trust" in the consumer's mind.

  3. Internet Sales - almost all sales online are paid with credit cards. If you don't accept them, you could greatly hinder your business. Credit card processing is critical for any business in today's environment.

  4. Bigger Sales - orders paid by credit card are generally larger than ones paid by cash or checks.

  5. Competition - your competitors are accepting them, shouldn't you?

  6. Improved Cash Flow - accepting credit cards can improve your cash flow versus dealing with checks and making trips to the bank to deposit them. Your credit card funds can be deposited in as quick as 24 hours.

  7. Less Expensive - credit card fees are much lower than they were 15 years ago. The increased sales can easily justify the cost of accepting credit cards.

  8. Fast & Easy - getting setup can be painless! Once an application is received, we can have it approved within one to two business days.

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