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Merchant Account Fees

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When setting up a merchant account, it can be a very daunting experience if you are new to it. You will learn that the service is very fee oriented and may be confusing at times based on what everyone tells you. Due to the complexity of the pricing for credit card processing, there are many ways a merchant can be misinformed. With the information below and on your side, you should have a very good understanding of what to ask for.

Retail Merchants (swiped transactions)
Retail Debit Rate 0.69%
Retail Credit Rate 1.69%
Mid-Qualified Rate 2.44%
Non-Qualified Rate 3.29%
Transaction Fee $0.20
Internet / Ecommerce / Mail Order Merchants (all keyed in transactions)
Internet Debit Rate 0.99%
Internet Credit Rate 2.19%
Mid-Qualified Rate 2.94%
Non-Qualified Rate 3.79%
Transaction Fee $0.25
Other Fees (applicable to all)
Address Verification Service (AVS) FREE
Batch Fee $0.25
Monthly Service Fee
(only listed to reiterate)
Monthly Minimum $25.00
Annual Fee FREE
PCI Compliance Fee Varies - Call Us*
Contract Term & Cancellation Fee See Below**

* To our knowledge, every major processor charges some sort of fee for PCI Compliance. There are still numerous merchant applications that do not have any PCI fees listed even though they may be charging one. Our advice: Expect some sort of PCI fee or go with someone who already has a fee established. The reason is look at what happened several years back, PCI fees did not exist. Then all of a sudden most of the major processors started charging one. If a processor advertises no PCI fee, keep in mind that they could very well implement one tomorrow. Please call us for details on our PCI fee.

** To help maintain a level of excellent service and support, we offer a month to month agreement with a 90 days notice. If you are considering any one of our POS systems, the term is for 3 years.

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