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There are two ways we can deposit the funds into your checking account. Depending on which method is used, will determine how easy it is for you when it comes time to reconcile your bank statement. Monthend discounting is surely the way to go and we provide this service at NO CHARGE to our merchants with our credit card processing service. However, it is something that must be approved and requested by the merchant as daily discounting is used by default.

Daily Discount / Billing

On daily discounting, we take out the discount percentage you pay before making the deposit. For example, you pay 2% and the settlement amount was $100, then we will take out $2 and deposit $98. Your checking account is then debited for the remaining fees at the beginning of the following month, such as transaction fees, monthly, etc.

Monthend Discount / Billing

On monthend discounting, we deposit the entire settlement amount and debit your checking account for all the merchant service fees at the beginning of the following month. For example, you have a $100 settlement amount, we will then deposit $100. If you pay 2%, we will then debit your checking account at the beginning of the following month for the 2% ($2) plus any other fees such as transaction fees, monthly, etc.

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