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What to Expect in Your Monthly Statement

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What should you expect in your monthly merchant account statement? Most processors bill on a schedule called daily discounting. The discount rate is taken out before the deposit. The remaining fees are then debited from your checking account at the beginning of the following month. Once a particular month has passed, the statements are then generated around the first week of the new month. You should receive your statement in the mail no later than 2 weeks of the start of the new month. If you have not received your statement, please contact customer service to ensure that we have the correct mailing address.

The following list of credit card processing fees are ones you may expect to find in your monthly merchant statement.
  1. Monthly Service Fee
  2. Monthly Minimum (if applicable)
  3. Monthly Gateway Fee (if applicable)
  4. Transaction Fees
  5. Batch Fees
  6. AVS Fee (applies to keyed in sales)
  7. PCI Compliance Fee
  8. Chargeback & Retrieval Fee (if applicable)
  9. Annual Fee (not with

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