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Credit Card Machines: Nurit 2085

Printer Friendly
The Nurit 2085 is a compact, point-of-sale terminal with a fast and extremely quiet built-in thermal printer. It can support credit and debit cards. In addition, the Nurit 2085 has a featured call store and forward, which allows you to accept credit cards without a phone line. All you need is a power outlet. The credit card machine prints out a receipt and stores the information for processing later. When you are ready to finalize the transactions, simply plug the terminal into a phone line and the terminal will process all the stored transactions.


- Low-cost, all-in-one terminal
- Occupies minimal counter space
- 5 to 8 seconds average transaction speed
- Integrated fast and quiet thermal printer
- Large graphical back-lit LCD display
- User-friendly keyboard and menu system
- Current and history batch reports available

Verifone VX510 Terminal Free + $79/Yr Warranty Fee OR
$199 to Purchase & Own
Retail Discount Debit Rate 0.69% & $0.20
Retail Discount Credit Rate 1.69% & $0.20
Address Verification Fee (AVS) FREE
Monthly Service Fee $10.00
Application Fee FREE
Setup Fee FREE
Re-Programming Fee FREE
Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE
Customer Service Fee FREE
American Express Setup Fee FREE

*The above rates and fees are not meant to be entirely inclusive; other fees may apply. Please refer to our online pricing page or the full fee schedule in the application.

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