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Pin-Based Debit Transactions!

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Retail merchants can accept debit cards in one of two ways:
  1. Signature Based (off-line) Debit Transaction
    This type of transaction is the most common way to accept a debit card and is processed like a regular credit card by swiping it through the terminal machine. The debit card must bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.

  2. Pin-Based (on-line) Debit Transaction
    A newer and least expensive method of accepting debit cards is as a pin-based (on-line) debit transaction. The card is swiped through the terminal and the customer is prompted to enter their pin number. An external or built-in pin-pad device is required for encrypting and processing the transaction securely. Merchants have two choices when setting up their credit card processing service:

    1. Terminal Machines with Built-in Pin-Pads     Picture
      Quality terminal machines come with the pin-pad built inside the keypad. Many merchants however prefer the external pin-pad for reasons such as, the terminal isn't being constantly turned around to the customer, etc. Due to strict security requirements, the built-in pin-pad must be encrypted by your merchant provider. Therefore, it is best to purchase the machine from them to avoid any encryption fees or downtime.

    2. External Pin-Pad Devices     Picture     Picture
      Quality terminal machines are capable of supporting an external pin-pad device regardless if it is already built-in. Due to strict security requirements, the external pin-pad must be encrypted by your merchant provider.
There are several advantages to accepting debit cards as a pin-based (online) debit transaction.
  1. Low Rates & Fees
    With our merchant services, we only charge 20 cents per transaction plus the debit network fees. The larger the transaction, the more you save!

  2. Faster Checkout Lanes
    When your store is busy, even the smallest delays can make a big difference. Many consumers find it much quicker to enter their pin number instead of searching for a pen and signing a receipt.

  3. Increased Customer Loyalty
    Everyone has their own personal habits and preferences. More and more consumers are learning about the convenience of using pin-based debit and their expectations of your acceptance is growing every day.

  4. Less Prone to Chargebacks
    When it comes to credit cards, consumers are well protected. Even so to the extent that some consumers abuse the system and take advantage of merchants. On the other hand, pin-based debit transactions are handled a little differently. As long as the merchant provides a quality service/product, their liability to chargebacks is greatly reduced due to the authentication of the transaction.
Debit Networks - process any debit card using any of the debit networks listed below:
    National Networks
  1. AFFN
  2. Interlink
  3. Maestro

    Regional Networks
  4. Accel
  5. Alaska Option
  6. Cash Station
  7. Honor
  8. MAC
  9. Magic Line
  10. MoneyStation
  11. NYCE
  12. Pulse
  13. Shazam
  14. Star
  15. TYME
  16. Yankee
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