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Printer Friendly provides the kind of service that I had come to believe was extinct. They deliver what they say they will when they say they will. They allow you to speak with real live helpful people, right away! They stand behind their products! They charge you what you agreed to. In the world of POS systems I shutter to think of what all can go wrong and I'm glad I chose!

Wil Tyler
Pie Lady & Son

Product: Free Restaurant Point of Sale System
Customer Joined on: July 18, 2011

Our free POS system is proving to be fast, reliable and very easy to use. Updating and editing product information is quick and inventory tracking is made simple. The customer service is some of the best I have experienced. In most cases the person who takes the call can answer my questions. I have had only one instance, (on a weekend), when I was told I would need to wait for a call back. The wait time was indicated as one hour but was in fact only 15 minutes. The low delivered cost of the system is a huge advantage. For that I expected that the fees charged as part of the exclusive agreement for the credit card processing would be higher than average. They are actually quite competitive and's customer service is excellent as well.

Overall we are very satisfied with our POS system. Solid hardware is important, but that is pretty common nowadays. The software and, most importantly, the customer service make a clear leader.

Mark and Jacob Schneider
Corvallis Battery

Product: Free Retail Point of Sale System
Customer Joined on: April 22, 2011


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