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Cell Phone Credit Card Processing (Touch Tone)

Printer Friendly
Touch tone is a service that allows you to process a credit card using any phone by simply calling a toll-free number and follow the voice prompts. This option is great for merchants on the go needing (trade shows, on site jobs, etc.). If you plan on processing larger volumes or need transactions to happen quickly, then you may want to consider our wireless credit card terminals.

Step 1 - Call a toll free number from any regular land line or cell phone.
Step 2 - Enter the customer's credit card info, sale amount, etc.
Step 3 - Funds are deposited into your checking account in 3 business days.

You may download the sample instruction sheet for touch tone here PDF Icon

It is best to use a manual imprinter for all in-person transactions. Not only does it serve as a receipt, but will help you fight chargebacks as you will have an impression along with their signature. Manual Imprinter

If you do not already have an imprinter, you can purchase one from us for $45.00 (not required - but recommended) which includes FREE shipping, the imprinter and a package of 100 slips.

Dimensions: 2 5/8" H X 5 7/8" W X 11 1/2" L
Weight: 1.2 lbs

Internet Discount Debit Rate 0.99% & $0.60
Internet Discount Credit Rate 2.19% & $0.60
Address Verification Fee (AVS) FREE
Touch Tone Setup Fee
(was $49, Limited Time Only!)
Monthly Service Fee $10.00
Application Fee FREE
Setup Fee FREE
Re-Programming Fee FREE
Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE
Customer Service Fee FREE
American Express Setup Fee FREE

*The above rates and fees are not meant to be entirely inclusive; other fees may apply. Please refer to our online pricing page or the full fee schedule in the application.

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