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3 Ways to Save Money on Credit Card Processing

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Although it may seem expensive to setup a merchant account, it certainly doesn't have to be. Listed below are some helpful tips and ways you can save yourself money when signing up for a credit card processing account.
  1. Right Type of Merchant Account - Be sure that you are being setup with the right merchant account. If you swipe 80% of your transactions, you would not want to be setup as an Internet merchant. However, if you key in 70% of your transactions, you wouldn't want to be setup as a retail merchant either. Depending on what type of merchant you are setup as in the system, will determine what fees you pay when you swipe vs. key in a transaction.

  2. Processing Equipment - Never sign up for a lease as they are extremely costly. Always purchase your credit card equipment if at all possible. Most credit card terminals can work with most merchant service processors and the platforms they use. Be cautious when buying a piece of equipment for a price that sounds too good to be true. It could have possibly been a unit that was originally tied to a free terminal offer and can't be reprogrammed for it is locked down.

  3. Discount Rate - Never focus on the discount rate entirely. Most companies that advertise unbelievable low discount rates are the ones that will have much higher downgrade fees. The discount rate is only one small fee that you will incur while there are several others that are actually more important, such as the mid & non-qualified rates.
You should always keep quality of service in mind when shopping around. You may want to ask yourself, "What kind of service will I receive from the company that gave me the lowest offer I could find?" This is a service business indeed and not all services are alike.

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