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Wireless Credit Card Terminals & New Credit Card Machines

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iPhone Wireless Credit Card Processing iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile Processing
You can now process credit cards using your smart phone and turn it into a wireless credit card processing machine!

iPhone Paysayber Terminal iPhone Wireless Processing by Paysaber
Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and would like to turn it into a wireless credit card processing machine? Then we have the perfect product for you!

Nurit 8000 / 8020 Wireless Terminal Nurit Wireless Credit Card Terminals
Nurit has an excellent wireless credit card terminal that will suit anyone's needs. Plus, we are placing this particular unit at your business for no up front costs. > More info

Way Systems 1581 / 5000 Terminal Way Systems Wireless Credit Card Machines
A newer type of wireless credit card terminal is called Way Systems. It is a small hand held cell phone device that can be taken anywhere The latest model is called the Way Systems 5000.
Verifone VX610 / VX670 Terminal Verifone Wireless Terminal Machines
Verifone has several wireless credit card terminal products to fit every type of business. Whether you work trade shows or deliver pizza, they have a terminal for you. > More info

Cell Phone Credit Card Processing Cell Phone Processing
If your business is on the go and you need a very affordable wireless solution, then check out our touch tone service. It's only $10 a month! > More info

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