Let’s 10X Your Restaurant with Mobile POS

Enhance your operations, lower expenses, and boost sales while giving an exceptional customer experience.

Better Restaurant Operations

Mobile POS solutions are a game-changer for restaurants of all sizes.

  • Grow your sales with improved table turns.

  • What happens when your customers have a faster and more satisfactory dining experience? They may tip more, and that will definitely make your staff happier.

  • There are no boundaries with its built-in Wi-Fi & 4G capabilities (4G included at no charge). You can accept credit cards anywhere, anytime.

  • Accept all credit card payments, including QR codes and NFC contactless payments. The device can print off a receipt or have it emailed to the customer.

  • We help you prevent as many fraudulent transactions as possible by offering the latest hardware, such as EMV & NFC contactless payment devices.

Mobile pay ticket screen
mobile pay email receipt

Improve Guest Frequency with Loyalty

Grab all the data required to create compelling marketing campaigns to bring loyalty to your brand.

  • Compile customer data to construct a list of your most invaluable customers.

  • Sign patrons up for your loyalty program

  • Construct profiles for your buyers that include all of their eating favorites.

  • Target your marketing campaigns based on data insights with real-time facts.

Immediately Measure Customer Experiences

  • Our mobile payment device has a great built-in feature that allows patrons to review their dining experience before leaving your restaurant, allowing time to address any issues that may arise.

  • After the customer is done paying, a satisfaction survey pops up on their screen. If they give a low rating, the manager on duty will be notified.

  • Negative customer reviews have an impact on every restaurant. If you can address their concerns before they leave, you may prevent them from ever happening.

  • The software integrates with our online back office in real-time.
mobile pay dining survey
POS Hardware

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

We offer an all-inclusive POS program for one affordable price. It includes cutting-edge hardware, software, programming, and even installation. We are a full-service company taking care of everything for you. With our 30-day risk-free trial, why not get started today?