Our POS Features Everything You Need

Get all the features your business needs and the ones you wish you had.

Powerful Restaurant POS Management

  • Inventory Management

    Our POS software handles everything for you, from monitoring ingredients to keeping track of inventory. It’s as fast as the way you run your restaurant.

  • Employee Management

    Supervising your staff is a lot of work. Good thing our software makes it a cinch to evaluate their performance, keep track of their hours, and more.

  • Menu Management

    You have complete flexibility with your menu. You can add specials, make menu modifications, and create dynamic pricing or discounts like a bogo. You can handle everything in real time through the browser or our mobile app.

QSR contactless QR code solution

Contactless Payment Solutions

  • QR Code Ordering

    What should you do when your staff hasn’t had a chance to breathe because the line is out the door? You give your guests the ability to place an order by scanning a QR code! That reduces their workload.

  • QR Code Payments

    It’s always a bummer when you get the bill, but at least you can make paying it super easy. Give your patrons the ability to pay with their smartphones.

  • Online Ordering

    Our online ordering solution is the perfect way to boost your revenue and maximize the output of your kitchen.

Online Ordering

  • Commission Free

    Let’s fatten your pocketbook by allowing your patrons to order online directly from you. There are absolutely no fees. Better yet, you won’t have an increase in payroll expenses.

  • Custom Pricing

    We give your restaurant flexibility with your menus. You specify which items appear online. You can even change the pricing for online orders to be more or less than usual.

  • Setup as Easy as 1, 2, 3

    No matter where your patrons go, their shopping experience will be the same. From your website to our online order site, it will be seamless. It’s also super easy to set up.

Online Ordering Mobile Phone
POS analytics & reporting

Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Reports

    Accurate sales reports provide a deep understanding of your business’ most important line on the P&L, the top line.

  • Menu and Product Mix Reports

    Every restaurant has room for improvement, and that’s why we provide the product mix reports you require to know which items are hot and which ones need to go.

  • Labor Reports

    For any business, including bars, payroll is the number one expense. We provide the reports you need to monitor your payroll carefully.

  • Loads of Reports

    We supply you with loads of reports that allow you to scrutinize every part of your operations.

Online Back Office

  • POS Management

    You can change and update every part of the POS software through the Internet, from menu updates to creating discounts.

  • Employee Management

    Our back-office gives you total control over managing your staff, from time clock schedules to delegating responsibilities to anyone on the payroll.

  • Customer Engagement Tools

    Our software allows you to increase sales and profits with personalized marketing and email promotions.

Online back-office

Installation, Training, & Support

  • Certified Installer Technicians

    We are a full-service POS provider. Our system includes onsite installation and implementation services by one of our highly qualified technicians. You can rest assured you will be taken care of when you select Gotmerchant.

  • Thorough Training

    We’ve got you covered! We provide remote training whenever needed, so you are able to make the most out of our software.

  • Outstanding Support

    Our success relies on yours, and that is why we are here for you, 24/7, with our in-house technical support and customer service experts.

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

We offer an all-inclusive POS program for one affordable price. It includes cutting-edge hardware, software, programming, and even installation. We are a full-service company taking care of everything for you. With our 30-day risk-free trial, why not get started today?

pos system with cash drawer printer