Tableside Ordering Technology is the New Era

Our tableside ordering technology increases your staff’s productivity by modernizing the old paper guest checks.

The tableside ordering software mimics the core POS system and talks to it in real-time through the cloud. It’s like carrying a POS station in your hands. The orders immediately go to the kitchen. Now, just imagine how much more efficient your staff will be with this type of technology.

  • Faster table turns give you more time to seat more people.

  • Significant improvements to the order-taking process by eradicating employee error that comes with handwriting tickets

  • Improved server speed which makes for happier consumers

  • You will waste less product by eliminating errors between the waiters and cooks.

  • Your customers will surely be impressed with the modernized dining experience offered by tableside ordering.

Tableside Ordering Server
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All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

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